Own Your Beauty!

Blogher.com came out with an inspiring and moving year-long campaign to change the conversation about what beauty means, encourage women to start really looking at themselves and loving who they see. We are asked to join not only to help us appreciate ourselves, but to spread the thought that we may all be different, but we are ALL beautiful.

Every month, an assignment comes out to help us on this journey. I am including these tasks to the luscious makeover dare as i believe it's going to really help me be luscious inside and out!

The Own Your Beauty Mission: To encourage and remind grown women that it's never too late to love one's self and influence the lives of those around us. We can shift our hearts and minds and change the path we follow in our pursuit of AUTHENTIC BEAUTY.

Beautiful isn't it? So am I. So are YOU!

MONTH 1. Your Authentic Self, The Un-PhotoEdited You

Or rather, YOU without the trappings of "things that make you look better".

Who are YOU under the make-up, the uniforms and snazzy clothes or for us SAHMs, under the baby drool-spattered clothes and chores? Under the stresses, the worries, peer pressure and societal judgements, can you still feel WHO you really are?

Look into the mirror some time and look yourself in the eye. See that fire lurking in the depths? That's your soul burning deep inside, just waiting for you to let it leap into glorious flight! Those are your truths, your ideals, your convictions and your dreams, waiting to be lived and loved!

What makes you happy, fulfilled and brimming with joy to be alive? One exercise is to list down everything, profound or mundane until you're absolutely tired from writing it all down! From organizing drawers to sunsets to nailing down an account to watching fireflies. Anything that you feel celebrates YOU! Keep adding to it and reading through it; start what you can, do what you can, WHENEVER you can (the sooner the better!)...it's YOUR list! :)


Loving our UNIQUENESS and celebrating it, is what gives someone with conventional looks that indelible character stamp of true beauty. Did I lose you there?

Sure we're not perfect. If we were, we'd be flawless, predictable, same as the other and completely boring. That's just me with an opinion, mind you.

Our imperfections, physical and otherwise, give us that rough polish of character and substance. They give us our laugh lines and worry creases, marks of life LIVED and stories to tell. Every imperfection we bear are testaments to how well we celebrate the life we have.