Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Luscious Life List

A good friend from college loved to make lists of things she liked and wanted to do in her life. She started me on it and quite recently, another friend's checklist reminded me to make one for this particular journey.

I like to put my goals down to keep things in perspective and keep me honest. Everytime I feel lost, impatient or discouraged, all I would need to do is refer to my list and follow my own directions.

The first three are my long-term goals to living a luscious life. Everything else are short-term goals that would help me ultimately achieve the big picture. I know it's not going to happen overnight but getting there would prove to be just as interesting!

a. Be a healthy, happy mommy, wife and homemaker raising healthy, happy human beings.

b. Provide for a secure, abundant life for my family.

c. Lead a long, fruitful, fulfilled, and contented personal life.

Taray! Demanding! Lolz :D

1. Project Flawless!
- Have my smile improved and my hair, skin and nails be at their healthiest best.
- Lose 60lbs. TOTAL. in about a year. Imagine 14 years of steadily packing it on with bad food, bad habits and no exercise. This means making good, healthy choices and activities to reclaim my body from obesity.

2. Run a marathon. Maybe not the ironman, I'm not bent on suicide! But the beginner types that won't kill me.

3. Swim ten laps in an olympic size pool like I used to ten million years ago.

4. Rock climb again. Hopefully hike up a mountain and not just a mole hill either. A real huge pile of dirt and rocks would be great!

5. Build several highly profitable and leverageable businesses. This means research and educating myself to go where I've never gone before!

6. Attend short business courses and seminars.

7. Learn and apply good, long-term investment practices. It would be great to have a diverse investment portfolio so rf and i will be comfortable in our old age and our kids would have more opportunities to stretch their wings.

8. Buy real estate property to rent, develop then resell.

9. Learn to sew clothes. I want to set up a tailor-fitting boutique type studio and custom costume shop. I always had difficulty finding the right clothes for my body type until I discovered the happiness which is tailor-made clothes :)

10. Have a one man show and publish poetry.

11. Be good friends with my kids. The type they talk to about anything before going to bed and whenever they need to.

12. Learn to make jewelry and design stuff I can sell, exhibit and export.

13. Rediscover my flirty side with my hubby.

14. Teach my kids to be the best they can be, whatever it may be.

HMMM...this is a long list in the making! I'll add to this more!

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