Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wicked Wicker

Growing up, I made it my personal mission to one day retire as an old, interesting aunt/godmother at a beachfront property in a tiny bungalow with my pottery, plants and poetry (all P’s, yes, I’ve noticed!). Little did I know that I’d have a fabulous family thrown in the way of this dream. My poetic masterpieces would be on two chubby legs each, running through the house and instead of a bungalow, I’d have to expand to at least a three-bedroom spread with a front porch and more pets than plants. And absolutely no pottery either, lest I hear the sound of broken crockery and sheepish “sorry”s all the time!

Anyhoo, of course I thought about furnishing that dream retirement-slash-family-vacation-home and I've always associated wicker furniture with a relaxed, but utterly luxurious bohemian lifestyle in the tropics. Well, if I can’t have a tranquil time with the kids on internal pogo sticks and going Mom-mom-mom, I’d like to at least have everything else try to evoke calm, peace and serenity even if the company I keep is far from it!

From patio furniture to bedroom sets, this site has an incredible collection to browse through! There are a variety of weaves, styles and colors to choose from with plush cushions, luscious fabrics and glass. Nothing looks cheap or flimsy, just wicker furniture that evokes a sense of luxurious lounging, whether on the patio, the living room or the bedroom! There are even dining sets that I know my hubby would love to have in our future home. My personal favorite apart from the wicker bed furnishings would be the rocking chair I could curl up in with a good book!

Truly luscious living is reflected in every page of this site full of a lot other things aside from patio furniture made of wicker. I really can’t wait to see how what I pick out is going to look in my beach home…someday!

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