Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reinventing Old Habits

When the world was younger and the pace of life was a little slower, us ladies had time to pamper ourselves even without the luxuries of technology, nearby spas or instant beauty magic.

Preparing for the pampering was part of the beauty ritual itself. There was a luxurious bath at the end of the day with the radio on and warm, scented bubbles coming from the tub. Or after the chores, an unhurried wash and afternoon swim by the river after the day's laundry was done, complete with herbal shampoos and flower essences in our long, black tresses.

At night, there was hair brushing with heavy silver brushes with thick bristles or combs with oiled wood; soft cotton nightgowns or silk, rubbing our skins soft. There were also the ancient beauty secrets passed on from grandmother to mother, to you.

Nowadays with beauty products galore and scientific beauty tricks to match the hustle and bustle of modern living, we forget to slow down and actually enjoy the process.

Let's remember what beauty really is.

Back in the day, the preparation is just as important. It was a grounding and a centering, reminding oneself of the beauty within and each personal ritual was more than just vanity. I wrote a little about it in Mommyluscious "The OLAY Woman", about celebrating inner beauty and your strength by honoring yourself with simple rituals that make you feel good.

So what if you're not going anywhere special and all you'll end up doing is curling up alone in bed with a crossword puzzle or a book?

Break out the luxury cream soap bars and lather up in the shower. Dab some perfume even if you're off to the market. Wear those nice undies you've been saving "for a special occasion"! What can be more special than TODAY?

Love yourself.

Most importantly, slow down and don't forget to breathe! Smile, laugh, close your eyes and remember who you are.

Pay attention to yourself, listen to your inner voice and feed your soul.

If you don't, who else will? :)

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