Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Co-Creations: Creating Your Crowning Glory

Reposted from Mommyluscious "COCREATIONS":

Sunsilk Co-Creations Hairfall Solution
Enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex
Co-created with Dr. Francesca Fusco
SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle
 This is the shampoo I'm using right now.

Sunsilk Co-creations, enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex to nourish and reinforce hair from the roots to the tips, it gently cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair without harming my scalp. Sunsilk teamed up with world-class dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC to come up with this formulation.

She believes that the delicate scalp should be treated as an extension of the skin on your face. For her, a woman's hair is truly her "crowning glory" and is dedicated to giving every girl the best head start possible to getting glorious hair through scalp care. “The secret to addressing hair fall,” shares Fusco, “is nourishing that first inch of hair that emerges from the scalp.”

Now why am I blogging about this?

I love my hair.

I love my long, curly, unruly, glorious, layered, colored hair.

And I'm losing it.

I didn't use to even like it in my painful high school years when I was still searching for acceptance. I had naturally curly waves that were as awkward as the ugly duckling's feathers were. As a result, I kept it short as was the fad but hated that it made me look so unfeminine. Upon entering college, I finally decided to throw all caution to the wind and let my hair down, so to speak.

Growing out my hair was the most liberating experience I ever had among all the liberating experinces of college life. I layered it, colored it, moussed it but I never really got into the fad about straightening as I loved being unique in a sea of rebonded hair. I got it into my system that I wanted to refer to my full head of hair as "tresses" and "locks". I would have been in absolute hair nirvana if it were really thicker though. That's my only peeve.

When I gave birth to Oona, my hair started falling out big time. At first it was just when I brushed or ran my hand though my hair. Then I woke up to find my hair all over the pillows and falling by themselves as I walked. After the natural shedding that came after pregnancy, it never got any better. It got even worse when Olly came so I had no choice but to cut my hair really short for the very first time in 26 years. Yes, I had boy-short hair when I was around 5 years old.

Well, I can't say I don't like my hair now, but I'm not crazy about it either. Given that I'm as round as a dumpling, without my long hair, I look even rounder. Haha. I felt like a goddess with my long hair but with my short hair, I feel anything but pixieish.

No other help for it but for the body to catch up with the hair (read: lose the excess inches so the body can match the hair). Wrong "full-bodied" reference! :P

Meanwhile I would have to take extra care of the precious few I have so the search began for good hair care products THAT WOULD NOT EAT INTO MY BUDGET. Yes, all caps. I'm a mom so splurging on myself will be accompanied by days of shopper's guilt over what could have been used to buy my child's milk or diapers.

I used to buy this really great homemade purple hair soap and gugo/kalamansi extract shampoo that was mild on my hair and scalp. But I can't find it anymore *sob!* Other popular brands only gave me dandruff, scalp irritations and brittle, dry hair.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, the universe sent me a surprise package! Quite literally. My mom told me that a package arrived for me and that it was quite heavy. When we opened it (Oona buzzing around me in excitement over the "Supise, Mommy! Sur-pise!"), I was laughing so much because I saw that it was enough shampoo to last the entire household for months! And there was one type for everyone! Oona designated herself the "Official Arranger On The Shelf Of Shampoos" and Olly pounced on the bag so I appropriated it for her toys. :D
Meanwhile, the other shampoos went to the following:

 ANTI-DANDRUFF for Daddy. He uses hair putty a lot so hair product + sweat + skin cells = build-up. Enriched with ZPT Citrus Complex, it thoroughly cleanses and refreshes while purifying the scalp from the first wash and protect the hair’s natural condition from dryness. Formulated by Dr. Francesca Fusco again :D I so love her now.

STRONG AND LONG for my sister Diday. A student with a very active life since she works too, hair can get really stressed from all the commuting and stuff she puts on it. Enriched with Active Fruitamin Complex, the rich moisture formula gently cleanses and refreshes hair, while penetrating it and fortifying hair fibers so it becomes up to 10x stronger*+ and 3x smoother+ with boosted shine. Sunsilk teamed up with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creator of some of the world’s latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Strong & Long formulation for strong* and smoother hair. Well, she *does* look like a model, anyway. Or maybe it's just our genes! (Nuksnumuuuun! :D)

 SOFT AND SMOOTH for my Mom and Dad. Enriched with Ceramide Macadamia Complex, it gently cleanses and conditions even the driest and roughest hair, while acting as a softening agent to rebalance hair condition. Sunsilk teamed up with Bobsoho Salon, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating dry hair, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Soft&Smooth formulation for hair that is silky soft to the touch.

We still have the rest of the line to try out:

STRAIGHT AND SWAY enriched with Amino Collagen Complex, it cleanses your straight hair and gently relaxes your hair bonds, providing softness and suppleness to give natural movement ++ to your artificially straightened hair. Sunsilk teamed up with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creator of the world’s latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Straight and Flowing formulation for ideally straighter hair full of natural movement.

DAMAGE REPAIR enriched with Olive Serum Nutri Complex, it gently cleanses and gives care to the most damaged hair, while reconstructing beneath the hair surface and filling damaged cracks deep inside – layer by layer, strand by strand. Sunsilk teamed up with Bobsoho Salon of London, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating damaged hair, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Damage Repair formulation to give back extreme smoothness and health to your damaged hair.

SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE, enriched with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex, it gently cleanses and coats hair strands to smoothen fluffy hair. Sunsilk teamed up with Yuko Yamashita from Japan, creator of YUKO Hair Straightening, turning hair from unruly to manageable, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Smooth and Manageable formulation for extraordinarily smoother++ hair that stays beautifully in place all day long.

We also got Cream Silk Conditioners! Yay!

I can't wait til my hair grows long again! With the care I'm getting from what I'm using right now, I'm pretty sure, I'll have a full head of gorgeous hair again!
Now which ones are you going to try out for your crowning glory? :D


  1. aba, you're being sent products for review? awesome! :) personally, i've been using the smooth & manageable variant for a while now and i do like how nice my hair is. i made the mistake of stocking up on too much, though; the orange one smells even better!

  2. Super sorry for the late reply! I really like the one I'm using because it doesn't make my scalp itchy. The orange one DOES smell great no? :)