Friday, November 26, 2010

The Couch Potato CAN Run!

I used to prove intractable when it comes to active fitness routines. I got bored and impatient with the repetition of gym programs. I abhorred jogging and claimed that the only way anyone can get me to run was through being chased by a pack of dogs. Then see me go! I also saw no point in trying out the treadmill. Running in place, going nowhere.

I'm fitness' one tough customer.

I tried tricking myself, actually. I explored different sports that I found interesting, just to find one I could actually stick with because I found it exciting enough. Rifle and Pistol Team, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, circuit weight training, belly dancing, yoga, hip hop abs...I would have tried pole dancing and strip teasing if I had the moolah and the confidence for it!

But I was also my own saboteur. When I proved to myself that I could do it, I didn't feel the need to pursue it anymore. I didn't have any qualms about my own mortality and getting ripped abs was just really vanity for me. I felt I didn't really need to "save" myself with regular exercise.

So imagine when I found myself agreeing to run the Mommy Milkshake Marathon with my friend in August 2011. What was surprising was that I actually felt committed to doing it! That surprised me a lot!

(Thinking: Pack of dogs, pack of dogs...)

Well, since it's for a cause and not really a competition AND my first marathon, I wouldn't be hard put like the Iron Man participants. We'll be jogging with the kids in the strollers too and I'd really love that. Of course, RF will have to provide me with a carrot on a stick for motivation. Maybe a fudgie bar tied to the rear end of the car as I chase it down the road would be a good one! :P

Anyhoo, training for this would include walking to jogging and eventually, endurance running. I have to do some gym work too. And go back to swimming for my lungs and rock climbing to build my strength and stamina.

All this will have to be with kids included of course :) A great way to teach Oona and Olly so many things like how our bodies work, safety, health...This time, I know I'm going to have fun and keep at it, even after the marathon is done.

My running on a treadmill will now have a point and I won't need a pack of dogs chasing me to keep in shape.

More than getting a killer body or saying I want to be healthy for myself, Oona and Olly are my solid reasons that truly matter and are big enough for me.

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