Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malunggay Oil, Potent Life Oil!

I've always been a fan of malunggay or moringa olifeira since my first pregnancy. Reading and researching about it, I found out that it wasn't just good for lactating mothers, it was actually good for everyone.

It is low in fats and carbohydrates. It is high in vitamin B, 2x the Protein of yogurt; 3x the potassium of bananas; 3x the Iron of spinach, 4x the calcium of milk and 7x the vitamin C of oranges.

And did you know that someone actually tried to make fuel from this? It worked and was cleaner than coconut oil but the cost to process it was too much :( hopefully some day, they'll be able to figure out a cost-efficient way to do it!

I never thought such tiny leaves held so much power. I remember when I was a kid, my mother would always add malunggay leaves to some of the dishes she cooked. I thought nothing of the tree growing by the side of the road near our house, but now with my two babies, I'm thankful that I wasn't picky with my food. I'm hopeful that I can pass on healthy eating habits to these little girls, including eating malunggay.

Nowadays though, when there's not much readily available for cooking, some health food stores carry a wide array of malunggay products. I so love Ecostore where they sell good malunggay powder for cooking and a really kickass malunggay pesto. They're all proudly philippine made so you are sure you are supporting our local trade and industry!

Or if you'd rather do it the health supplement way, may I suggest Malungai Life Oil. Made from pure malunggay extract, it's all of moringa olifeira's full potency distilled in a gel capsule. One a day and you get all the benefits of eating a whole lot of malunggay leaves without having to climb up and pick them yourself!

Since I am still breastfeeding Olly, I am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy and improve my milk quality. This obviously hits two birds with one stone! I used to drink the powder capsule version that yes, was effective too. However, the pure oil extract was just more potent. I'm very sure Olly's getting the benefits of this through my milk. Even Oona's taking it! What I did was pop the gel and mix the oil with whatever she's eating. Since Oona's not picky, I don't have a problem with making her finish her food so she's able to ingest all of the malunggay oil. After all, she's been a malunggay baby too!

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